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Edward Borgfeldt Booth

In memory of:

Lieutenant Edward Borgfeldt Booth

April 7, 1918

Military Service


Air Force


Royal Air Force


43rd Training Squadron

Additional Information

Son of G W Booth, 214 Heath St West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Commemorated on Page 583 of the First World War Book of Remembrance. Request a copy of this page. Download high resolution copy of this page.

Burial Information


Ontario, Canada

Grave Reference:


Information courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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  • War Memorial– This plaque can be found in Grumbles, a little restaurant on Main Street, just south of Danforth, in East York, Toronto, Ontario. Have always wondered the connection between the men on this plaque; made a spread sheet on which information on each is recorded. Still not positive on their common connection in Toronto.  Some went to UTS, some UCC and some were members of Aura Lee Club.  They all lived in the area basically bounded by Yonge on the east; Eglinton on the north Spadina to the west and Harbord to the south. They did not all  attend the same church. Went to Grumbles today to honour the plaque again.  6 Oct 2016
  • Newspaper clipping– From the Toronto Telegram November 1917. Submitted for the project Operation Picture Me
  • Newspaper clipping– From the Toronto Telegram April 1918. Submitted for the project Operation Picture Me
  • News Paper Clipping– Article
  • Commemorative Plaque– 1914-18 Memorial Plaque, The University Schools, University of Toronto, 371 
Bloor St. West, Toronto, Ontario.  Erected by the U.T.S. Hockey Club, 
  • Newspaper Clipping
  • Newspaper Clipping 2
  • World War I memorial tablet– World War One memorial tablet set in the chancel screen at St. Paul's (Anglican),  Toronto, Ontario.  The screen is in three sections, with the two outside sections displaying the tablets.  The chancel screen includes statues of twelve historic figures including Admiral Earl Beatty, King George V, Earl Kitchener, Marshal Foch, Earl Haig, and Lord Byng of Vimy.  The screen was the work of Messrs. J. Wippell & Co., of Exeter, England.

The great chancel war memorial windows are located above. These are inscribed:   "To the Greater Glory of God and in Everlasting Remembrance of the Men of St. Paul's Parish who gave their lives in Defence of Justice, Liberty and Truth, A.D. 1914-1919."  They were unveiled in 1921 by the Governor-General of Canada, Baron Byng of Vimy.  Another World War One memorial window in honour of the men named on the tablets is located on the east wall of the Nave.  The panels include fragments of glass from 70 buildings in the war zones.  It was unveiled by Baron Byng of Vimy in 1922.  Both windows were manufactured by Robert McCausland Ltd. of Toronto
  • Inscription– World War One memorial tablet, St. Paul's (Anglican), Bloor St. East, Toronto, Ontario.  One of two memorial tablets set within a spectacular carved alabaster chancel screen.  Erected in memory of the men of St. Paul's who died during the first World War and unveiled in March 1926.   Each alabaster tablet incorporates mosaic work depicting kneeling angels holding a laurel wreath and a torch.  Seventy-six names in total were listed by date of death.   Inscribed:  'IN CHRIST SHALL ALL BE MADE ALIVE', and from The Very Reverend Cyril Alington:   'And us they trusted. We the task inherit / The unfinished task for which their lives were spent / But leaving us a portion of their spirit / They gave their witness and they died content.'
  • Photo of Edward Borgfeldt Booth– Submitted for the project: Operation Picture Me.
  • Plane– This image, from the Bishop Strachan School's Museum & Archives, shows an airplane landing on the school's field in Toronto in 1916. It was flown by Edward Booth and was identified by his niece, Mary Clarke Boekh after seeing it reporduced in a 1943 BSS Magazine. She said that she had heard the story of her uncle flying from Camp Borden on a dare, as he had evidently known some girls who attended the school.
  • Plane– This image, from the Bishop Strachan School's Museum & Archives, shows Edward Booth's airplane leaving on the school's field in 1916. When it was published in the 1979 BSS Newsletter, Edith Dewdney wrote to the editor about her memory of that day. She wrote, "I was in school that day, and when an excited girl burst into the formroom and told us what was happening, the whole form including Miss Hately, who was grabbing at her glasses, flew down the stairs and out to the field. It's odd, but I don't remember whether we returned to class, or were given the day off."
  • Letter– This letter was sent to the Bishop Strachan School Museum & Archives after its author, while on a visit to the school, saw the image of her uncle's plane landing at the school published in an old BSS Magazine.
  • Letter– This is the back of the 1994 letter sent to the Bishop Strachan School Museum & Archives by Mary Clarke Boeckh.
  • Photo of Edward Booth– This photograph of Edward Booth was sent to the Bishop Strachan School Museum & Archives by Mary Clarke Boeckh in her 1994 letter.

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