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Gordon Zigmund Kowalczyk

In memory of:

Special Constable Gordon Zigmund Kowalczyk

January 26, 1987

Calgary, Alberta

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Service Number:





K (Calgary, AB)

Additional Information


June 2, 1951
Calgary, Alberta


May 6, 1975

S/Cst. Kowalczyk was formerly an apprentice auto mechanic and a corrections officer. On the night of his death, he responded to a call where a young man had driven away without paying for gas. S/Cst. Kowalczyk last radioed in that he was pulling over a vehicle. Linda Bowen was convicted of manslaughter and Andrew Kay was convicted of first degree murder. S/Cst. Kowalczyk was married to Sylvia and he had 3 children from his previous marriage. He is buried in Queen’s Park Cemetery in Calgary.

Commemorated on Page 185 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Honour Roll Book.

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  • Special Constable Gordon Zigmund Kowalczyk– © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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