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Peacekeeper Statue

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Municipality/Province: Calgary, AB

Memorial Number: 48008-018

Type: Statue

Address: 3031 Dallaire Avenue SW

Location: Peacekeepers Park

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 51.0033214   Long: -114.1270875

The Peacekeeper Statue was dedicated on August 9, 2004. It was designed by landscape architect Jim Laidlaw and renowned bronze sculptors Don and Shirley Begg of Studio West Bronze Foundry Ltd. The statue is a symbol of Canadian Peacekeepers – ready for combat, but also actively participating in making people’s lives better. The image is of a soldier giving an ‘Izzy’ doll to a little girl in a war-torn village somewhere in the Bosnia and Herzegovina region in the early 1990’s. The Izzy doll is named after Mark Isfeld, whose mother crocheted small dolls for him to give to local children while on patrols during his tour. 

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During Peacekeeping tours in Kuwait an Croatia Master Corporal Mark
Isfeld, a Combat Engineer, gave out little dolls crocheted by his mother,
Carol, to calm frightened and bewildered children. Isfeld was killed by
a land mine near Kakma, Croatia on the 21st of June 1994. "Izzy" dolls
continue to be hand made by many people across Canada and
are distributed to children around the world by Canadians serving on
peacekeeping missions.


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