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Peacekeepers Park

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Municipality/Province: Calgary, AB

Memorial number: 48002-068

Type: Park

Address: 3031 Dallaire Avenue SW

GPS coordinates: Lat: 51.0033214   Long: -114.1270875

Submitted by: Kevin Evans. Don Ethell. Peacekeeper Park Committee.

The 1.85 acre Peacekeepers Park is located in Garrison Green, the redeveloped Lincoln Park. This land was formerly part of Canadian Forces Base Calgary and, during the Second World War, was an airfield for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. After the base closed in 1998, the Canada Lands Company was tasked with redeveloping the land.

Peacekeepers Park features a Peacekeeper Statue, a Wall of Honour that pays tribute to those who lost their lives in the service of peace and a Missions Wall. The park was completed in 2004. The Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping, Calgary chapter provided guidance and input for the park and statue designs.  

Thirteen streets in Garrison Green are named after Canadian Peacekeepers of varying ranks and service time frames: Mike Ralph Way, Johnson Place, Angle Street, Couture Crescent, Forand Street, McLean Avenue, Tom Hoppe Mews, Lewis MacKenzie Place, Henwood Street, Joseph Marquis Crescent, John Gardham Avenue, Don Ethell Boulevard and Dallaire Avenue.

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Since the end of the Second World War, Canada has developed a strong peacekeeping tradition. At its heart are
the military personnel who serve their nation in its endeavour to assist people affected by war. These individuals
serve their country and the world community through their dedication to international peace and security. This
park is a tribute to Canada's Peacekeepers.

Peacekeepers Park includes three elements - the Wall of Honour and the Mission Wall to your left, and the bronze
sculpture before you. The Wall of Honour commemorates the Fallen Peacekeepers who made the ultimate
sacrifice. Their loss holds true as a symbol of the Canadian will to make the world a better place for all. The
second wall lists the Peacekeeping missions in which Canada has participated. The walls provide a testament
to the sacrifices and perseverance required to ensure peace.

The bronze sculpture shows an armed Canadian soldier offering an 'Izzy' doll to a little girl. During many of their
missions, Canada's Peacekeepers have been struck by the abject poverty and suffering of those less fortunate,
especially the children. This sculpture epitomizes the dual role of Canadian Peacekeepers in providing both
professional military intervention and compassion.

The Peacekeepers
We Will Remember Them.

Presented to Canada's Peacekeepers and The City of Calgary by Canada Lands Company CLC Limited
on Peacekeepers Day,
9 August 2004.


Depuis la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, le Canada a établi une tradition solide de participation au maintien
de la paix. Les membres des Forces canadiennes sont au cœur de cette tradition volonté d'aider les gens affectés pars la
guerre. Par leur engagement à l'égard de la paix et de la sécurité dans le monde, ces hommes et ces femmes
servent à la fois leur pays et l'humanité. Ce parc est dédié aux casques bleus canadiens.

Le parc des casques bleus comporte trois éléments - le mur d’honneur et le mur de mission à votre gauche, et
la sculpture de bronze devant vous. Le mur d’honneur commémore les casques bleus qui ont fait le sacrifice
ultime. Leur mort symbolise la volonté du Canada d'améliorer la situation dans le monde. L'autre mur présente
les missions de maintien de la paix auxquelles le Canada a participé. Ces deux murs évoquent les sacrifices et
la persévérance nécessaires pour le maintien de la paix.

La sculpture de bronze représente un soldat canadien armé qui offre une poupée « Izzy » à une petite fille. Au
cours de leurs nombreuses missions, les casques bleus canadiens ont été frappés par la misère affreuse des
canadiens, qui offrent à la fois leur intervention militaire professionnelle et leur compassion.

A la mémoire des
Casques bleus

Présenté aux Casques bleus et à la ville de Calgary par la Société immobilière du Canada CLC limitée,
le Jour des Casques bleus, le 9 août 2004.

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