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Crerar Drive

Municipality/Province: Saskatoon, SK

Memorial Number: 47010-035

Type: Street; street sign

Address: Crerar Drive, Saskatoon, SK

Location: Montgomery Place neighbourhood

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 52.10947   Long: -106.72929

Submitted By: Richard Turcotte

Crerar Drive is named in honour of Lieutenant-General Henry Duncan Graham “Harry” Crerar CH, CB, DSO, KStJ, CD, PC. It is located in the Montgomery Place neighbourhood of Saskatoon, and area developed in 1946 to house returning Second World War veterans and their families. Most streets and parks in the area are named for prominent military members, famous battles, military units, and in one case, an aircraft.

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Crerar Dr.


Lt. General Harry D. Crerar (1888 – 1965). As the Canadian Chief of Staff, Crerar wanted a distinctly Canadian Corps, bringing together armoured and infantry divisions in a unified fighting force. In the past, Canadian regiments had been apportioned out to British armies, depending on the needs of the moment. Crerar created the First Canadian Corps. It consisted of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division, 5th Canadian Armoured Division, 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade and supporting units. After D-Day, Canadian troops led by Gen. Crerar distinguished themselves fighting against some of Hitler’s crack divisions.

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