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Diary of 2nd Lieutenant Bernard James Glynn

Sunday, April 1, 1917 - Rose 7:30 am. Got tender to Mass at Ashford. Went to Holy Communion. No mail. Flying Avro this afternoon. It conked out. Inlet valve broke. Landed OK. 10:30 retiring

Monday, April 2, 1917 - Rose 8:00 am. No flying. Very nice letter from Helen Sullivan. Have not heard from home in a long while.

Tuesday, April 3, 1917 - Rose 8:00am. Letter from Ray. He goes on leave about tomorrow. No flying.

Wednesday, April 4, 1917 - Rose 8:00 Flying short while. A very nice dance was held in mess tonight. Many young ladies from Folkestone being present including Miss Carlion, Miss Stubles, Miss Harding etc. I had a very enjoyable evening dancing from 9 pm to 1 am. Got to bed at billet 2:30 am.

Thursday, April 5, 1917 - Rose 5:30 Station orderly officer. Flying Avro Dual about 1 hr. 10:15 went to Ashford & got money order to pay men. Letter from Mr. Moore. Head aching badly. Paid men at 1:45 P.M. Retired after dinner. Gave Orderly N.C.O. instructions to carry out duties & call me if anything important. Very tired. Good night.

Friday, April 6, 1917 - Rose 5:55 am. Called for 6:30 flying but it was a washout. Letter from Ray. Wrote Cox & Co., Adjutant #2RS Ruislip, Yale, Mother & Father. Card to Mary, Baby, Joe. It is very miserable out. A typical Good Friday. Went to Ashford (walked). Had tea 4 pm. Visited St. Mary the Virgin Cathedral English Church - dates back from 1100. Took bus to Hythe then to Folkestone. Returned by train 10:25 PM now. I,m posted for 6:30 flying.

Saturday, April 7, 1917 - Rose 6:00 Flying 1 hour, 10 minutes. Shooting 2 hours. Letter from Mother & one from Grace. Posted for 6:45 am Flying tomorrow. Summer time starts here tomorrow & clocks are put ahead one hour at midnight. (:50P.M. Retiring.

Sunday, April 8, 1917 - Rose 6:00 am clock on one hour. Flying Dual Avro 6:45. 7:50 Flying o/c Landings too steep. Got a sidecar & went to Mass & Holy Communion at Ashford. Had breakfast at Saracens Head Hotel. Returned to Aerodrome 10:30. Did not do any more flying. Wrote Bud McKenna, Mrs. McIntyre, Bella Bird. 9:20 Just going to say my prayers & get into bed. Goodnight.

Monday, April 9, 1917 - Rose 8:15 No mail. No flying. 10:00 Retiring.

Tuesday, April 10, 1917 - Rose 6:20 am. No flying. Lieut. Holmes & I went out shooting near range. Just when I got to rabbits hole the gun jammed so we came home. Clay pigeon shooting on Aerodrome in afternoon. Letter from Mrs. Moore & cheque book from Cox. & Co. Have caught fresh cold. 9:04 P.M. Just going to say my prayers and get into bed. Goodnight. Destroyed old mail except Mother Father Sis Yale & Grace.

Wednesday, April 11, 1917 - Rose 7:55 No flying. No mail. Wrote Florence Boyle, 75 W 5th St. Oswego, N.Y. !0:00 P.M. Retiring. Have a fresh cold.

Thursday, April 12, 1917 - Rose 7:55 No flying. Letters from Mother, Sis, Grace Casey & Jack. Retired early.

Friday, April 13, 1917 - Rose 5:20 Flying 40 minutes in Avro. Conked out. Had forced landing. Landed OK. Went to Range am. Clay piqeon shooting PM. Letter from Yale & H. Tagg. 10:45 retiring. Up for flying at 7:45 wrote home & Yale & Jack.

Saturday, April 14, 1917 - Rose 8:00. No flying. Went to Folkestone to dance at Grande but it was out of bounds so I went back Metropole & had a good time. Returned Sat. night.

Sunday, April 15, 1917 - Rose 7:00 No flying. Went to Mass & Holy Communion at Ashford. Went thru Lady Northcotes estate & had tea there. It is the best country house in England. The flowers are wonderful. Even bananas grow in hot-house representing south. Flying 7 P.M. on Avro.

Monday, April 16, 1917 - Rose 5:00 am. Flying 25 minutes solo on Avro. Made two good landings. Last in mist for a while. Received a very nice box from Aunt Joe. 2:00 P.M. writing Adjutant #2RS about laundry & Ray. Came to that to live from Mrs. Dixon, Cragmore.

Tuesday, April 17, 1917 - Rose 8:45 Letter from Ray. Did not fly. Went for cycle ride. Wrote Mary 10:00 Retiring.

Wednesday, April 18, 1917 - Rose 12:00 Very bad cold. Letters Dr. Milton, Hooklen. No flying. Rainy most of day. Went cycling for two hours.

Thursday, April 19, 1917 - Rose 8:30 No flying. Guest night. Band in mess. Had a good time.

Friday, April 20, 1917 - Rose 5:50 No flying AM. two telegrams from Ray at Catford. Flying solo Avro A444. Got dark while I was up & I got lost for a while but saw "Crown" & located Aerodrome & landed OK. Went to dance in College for young ladies. Had a good time.

Saturday, April 21, 1917 - Rose 8:50 No mail. Very windy No flying up till 4 PM. Writing Mr. Moore.

Sunday, April 22, 1917 - Went to Mass at Ashford. Crickmare, McVittie (two canucks) & I went to Canterbury & had a good time met some friends. Returned six but did not fly.

Monday, April 23, 1917 - 7:45 Flying Avro. Met some friends near Aerodrome. Flying Avro. Spence crashed DH4 in spinning nose dive. He is in critical condition. Not expected to live.

Tuesday, April 24, 1917 - Flying at 7:45 am & tonight also (Avro). Bumpy up. Went out with my Wye friend in evening. Had card from Ray. Flew 40 minutes tonight. Spence some better.

Wednesday, April 25, 1917 - Flying at night. Ticked off by Capt. Kitchener for being 20 min late. Went up to 6000 & got lost near the ocean. Clouds descended. Lost for an hour when I located Lady Northcote's lake & got home. No mail. Went flying again in night.

Thursday, April 26, 1917 - Flying at 7:45 for 45 min, at 10:00 for 45. At four o'clock engine conked out & I crashed in Aerodrome when taking off. A set of planes prop & undercarriage gone west. Had forced landing on first trip in morning but made a good landing outside of Aerodrome. Letter from Grace, Mother & Mr. Moore. Up for 6:45 flying tomorrow.

Friday, April 27, 1917 - Did not fly AM. No BE-2e machines. Got inoculated at Canterbury at 4:30 PM. Stayed in Canterbury until 6:05 PM. Had tea with Lieut. Reynard at County Hotel. Returned to Aerodrome. Went right to bed very high fever.

Saturday, April 28, 1917 - Sick in bed AM. Got up & attended Lieut. Spence's military funeral. Very impressed. Lt. Barnes buried at Dover. Went back to bed at six. High fever again. Letter from Mother.

Sunday, April 29, 1917 - Went to mass & Holy Communion at Ashford. No mail. Went to Ashford on bike to Benediction.

Monday, April 30, 1917 - Flying 5:45 AM. Dual BE-2e, 1:15 Solo BE-2e 1.05 at 8:30am. Letter from Mr. Moore. Solo BE2e 1.15 at 4:30PM. Went to ----- from Aerodrome with Hodder a/m observer. Retired 12PM.

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