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Diary of 2nd Lieutenant Bernard James Glynn

Tuesday, May 1, 1917 - Rose 7:15 Flying at 8:30. Went to Ashford then to Folkestone up towards Dover back to Hythe (took wrong bearing) steered S.W. back to Ashford to Canterbury, to Ashford to Wye. No mail AM

Wednesday, May 2, 1917 - Rose 7:15 Flying 9:00 Photos fairly successful. Went on cross country at 3pm with Lieut. Creekmore in another bus. Both had BE2e. Landed at Beaksbourne Zepp Straffing Squadron #50. I landed OK. Creekmore overjudged his landing & ran down a thirthy foot slope in front of engine. Machine write off. Creekmore not hurt. Proceded to Dover. Had tea, saw Davenport Nightingdale. Lieut. Mac Vittie had a bad crash.

Thursday, May 3, 1917 - Rose 8:00 am. Taking photos. Took eleven of Crown, Wye, C of E Church, crossroads at Kenningston & bridge at Ashford. Ailerons stuck & engine went dud. No mail am. Letter from Bella Bird. Guest night. Lieut Pete came. Had a very nice evening.

Friday, May 4, 1917 - Flying. Doing photos. Flying R.E.8 dual with Lieut. Holmes. Like it a lot. No mail.

Saturday, May 5, 1917 - No flying. Went to Canterbury to theatre. Had a good time. Letter from Ray.

Sunday, May 6, 1917 - Rose 8:00 am Mass at Ashford. No mail. Lieuts. Crickmore & Hamel & I went to Folkestone. Had good time. Met Hugh Billings. First time I saw him since leaving Oxford. 10:00 PM Retiring.

Monday, May 7, 1917 - Was inoculated at Canterbury. Last doze. Went to Folkestone & spent day with H.B. Billing. I met Capt. Barry & Mrs. Hill, Bdgr. Gen. Hill's wife, from Home. Went to see "Diplomacy" in evening. Retired 11:00.

Tuesday, May 8, 1917 - Rose 7:15 Had breakfast at 31 Earls Ave. with Billie. Got 8:20 train for Ashford. Billie went with me as far as Ashford. Arrived at Wye 10:45 am. 3 letters from home one from Auntie Dominico, Lordh, Vincent. My head & eyes have been bothering me. Wrote Mary, Mr. Moore, Mother & Father, Cox & Co., sent pass book cards to Mrs. Geo McIntyre, Grace, Mother & Father & Sis.

Wednesday, May 9, 1917 - Rose 5:00 Did Power Puffs successfully. Took 2 hours 35. My first solo on B.E. 12. It's a jolly fine bus. Went to dance at Ashford in evening. Had decent time. Arrived home 3:00 am.

Thursday, May 10, 1917 - Rose 4:50 am. 1.50 sleep. Flying (or rather trying) RE 8. I'm awfully washed out today. Must have more sleep. Four hours sleep during day. Major Ross Hume & I went for joy ride on RE 8. Poor landing. He told me I could go on leave tonight. Got 8:09 train to town. Putting up at Regent Palace. Had supper & went to bed 12 PM.

Friday, May 11, 1917 - Rose 8:30 AM. Had breakfast at regents Palace. Drew £3 from Cox & Co. left for Whitley 11:45 Saw Ray. He is looking fine. Got permission from Col. Corbett for ray to be absent until two PM tomorrow. Corbett is priceless chap. I'm coming to take him for a joy ride. Went to Guilford in taxi. Ray & I went to Royal theatre together & Kevin. Retired 11:00 PM. Very tired. What a lovely bed!

Saturday, May 12, 1917 - Rose 9:00 Hotel Lion Guilford. Ray & I had our pictures taken together & spent a very enjoyable morning. We had the first real glass of fresh milk since leaving home. Spent morning around Guilford Castle. It dates back to 1100. It is a very characteristic place & very interesting. Left Guilford at 2. I left London at 10 PM arrived Ashford 11:55. Staying night at Hotel.

Sunday, May 13, 1917 - Rose 7:30 Went to Mass at Ashford. Came back in Tender. Letters from Florence, Mary Higgins, Mr. Moore. Did not fly today. 10:00 PM. Retiring Not up for early morning flying. Sorry for Crickmore & I wanted to fly together to Brighton to see if there were any bathers in.

Monday, May 14, 1917 - Rose 8:00 No mail. Flying solo RE 8, 1 hour 1 bad landing 1 fair 1 good. Wrote to Mary Higgins, J.S. Moore, Ray, Bolis & Harley, 31 Earls St., Ho & Co, Vincent, Mabel Ingram, Mr. & Mrs. Daley, Ester Clark, Paymaster Ashford. Winifred Daly 17 yrs of age died suddenly & Mary Higgins cousin Grace died after giving birth to a child.

Tuesday, May 15, 1917 - Rose 4:20 am. Flying RE 8 2 hr. 20 min. Lost in clouds for two hours got near SW coast. Doing formation flying later 50 min. Did fairly good. Getting far better on quick split ass turns. Reported to CO. Absent from lectures but it was OK. Retired 11 PM.

Wednesday, May 16, 1917 - In bed until 6 PM. Saw Doctor. Indisposed. Trying to get leave tomorrow for a week before leaving for front. Must have my eyes attended to & head ha ha. Comes in useful once in a while. No flying today as a gale is blowing. Letter from Mrs. McIntyre & proofs of Ray's & my pictures from Guilford.

Thursday, May 17, 1917 - Rose 7:00 Flying. Orders came thru for my wings. I'm granted forty eight hours provisional leave. Met Burt S. & stayed evening with him.

Friday, May 18, 1917 - Rose 7:00 am. Got 9:50 train to Manchester. Met Gaffney in Manchester & had tea with him. He has his wings. Arrived six PM at St. Annes. It is a beautiful place. Met Mrs. Moore, Marge & Nora. Marge engaged. Nora play piano & cello, sings & composes. Mrs. Moore is daughter of Henry Retinare. Saw his portrait. Went to concert on pier.

Saturday, May 19, 1917 - Rose 8:00 Had breakfast & then went to barber shaved, bought some music & post cards & came back. Mr. Moore & I went to Blackpool in afternoon. Came back for supper. Left on 6:53 train. Mr. Moore went with me. Went to Confession at Priston. Left Mr. Moore at nine o'clock. He was very nice.

Sunday, May 20, 1917 - Train arrived Easton St. 5:02 am. Went to regent Palace until 7:30. Went to mass & Holy Communion in church in Kingsway. It takes the place of the old one that featured in Barnaby Rudge. Met Russ Moore at R.A.C. also H. Hepurt, E. Arling. Russ & I went to Sanbury to some friends in bungalow on river. In evening we had dinner & went to theatre with Celia & Ethel Tobedoe. I had Celia. Some dear! Will write her tomorrow.

Monday, May 21, 1917 - Rose 7:15 Had breakfast R.A.C. Club. Total 5. 9:10 train to Wye after saying aurevoirs to Harold Flynn, Elgin Wilson & Russ Moore. Arrived Wye 11:10. Did no flying. Letters from Cox & Co., Ashford Postmaster, Raymond & papers presumably from Grace. Haven't written Celia yet write later today.

Tuesday, May 22, 1917 - Rose 8:30 Flying RE 8. Major Ross Hume sent me up to do some stunts. Vertical banks, etc. Did them successfully.

Wednesday, May 23, 1917 - Rose 8:30 Went on joy flys RE 8. Landed at Westgate, then Marstowe & took Harold Flynn for his first flip. When taxing out the shock absorbers & starboard V of undercarriage broke. Had repaired left at 7:15. Letter from E. Sommerville & postmaster at Ashford.

Thursday, May 24, 1917 - In charge of early flying. Rose 4:30 am. Did not have men called as clouds were too low. Notified by C.O. to go overseas. Report - 46 Masons Yard, Duke at Picadilly Circus at 3:30 PM. tomorrow, to go France following day. 1:36 Just leaving Ashford phoned Celia. Left letters at 20 R.S. Wye to be sent to 16 Charing Cross, Cox & Co. to keep & forward in case of death. Met Celia.

Friday, May 25, 1917 - Rose 8:30 Lieut Seymour & I were going out but Celia sent me a message & came down to Regent Palace and we went to Twickensham on the Thames (10 am). We had luncheon on an island. I reported at 3:30 pm Masons Yard Duke. I then got Celia & drove to Cecil Hotel to report and get warrant to Boulogne. We went back to Regent Palace. Celia waited in reception room while I shaved & had bath. We had dinner & then went to see Glady Cooper & Malcom Cherry in "Wanted A Husband". Had topping time. Drove home in taxi & said goodby, my mascot.

Saturday, May 26, 1917 - 7:50 Left Victoria Station. Arrived Folkestone 10 am. 24 Hun planes raided Folkestone last night. To date about 60 dead. Saw the places demolished. 2:30 pm Left Folkestone via transport H.M.S. London. Arrived Boulogne 4 PM. Didn't like Boulogne. Trouble with baggage. Reported Gare Central 12 midnight. Left Boulogne 2:06 am. Slept some on way but I'm feeling completely washed out. Lieut. L.E. Lomas & I are traveling together. Wrote Mother & Father from Boulogne.

Sunday, May 27, 1917 - 5:00 am. Arrived Abberville - Trouble with Baggage. Came to Officers Club. Went to Mass & Holy Communion at a very nice old (1664) church here. It is so wonderful to attend mass just the same in this part of the world as home. I like this place. Train leaves at 5:30 PM for #2 AD Pool Candas. Writing this in Officers Club. W.V.E. serve here. They surely do very good work & release a lot of news. 6:20 PM left Abbeville 9:45 PM arrived Candas. Stayed at Officers Rest Club.

Monday, May 28, 1917 - 8:00 Rose. Had breakfast at rest Club. Reported #2 Aircraft Depot & posted to #34 Squadron at present at Villers Bretonneux but expecting to move. Stayed in Amiens au Lour & visited Cathedral. It is a magnificent place, at present all sandbagged. Arrived at 34 & put up in tent for night. Quite a decent place.

Tuesday, May 29, 1917 - Rose 8:00 am. No flying clouds too low.

2nd Lieutenant Bernard J. Glynn
Born Niagara Falls, Ontario 1897
Died Somme, France, May 29, 1917

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