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Diary of 2nd Lieutenant Bernard James Glynn

Sunday, November 12, 1916 - Got up 6:00 am, went to 7:15 Mass & Holy Communion at St. Aloysius. John Fry & I went to Randolf Hotel & had a hot & cold bath. We then went & had our pictures taken. I did not receive any mail today. Spent afternoon walking around. Met two Canadian cadets also two girls. Forgot names. Had tea with them. Lt. Ivan Marks & I went out for walk in evening.

Monday, November 13, 1916 - I have an awful cold in my head & my eyes are bothering me. Had aerial obs of Ypres Salient from 7000 to 8000 feet. Then buzzing M. Lew. Paraded back at noon 2:00 parade. Had the Beardmore Engine. Paraded home at five. Had tea at George Café. Went out after dinner until 9:00. Had wireless teacher give us (5) a few lines --. 5 bob for lunch. Thinking of home & my sweetheart awfully sleepy now, good night.

Tuesday, November 14, 1916 - Still have very bad cold in head. Took rigging & Renault Engine. Did not write any mail. Did not receive any. Typed notes 6pm to 7pm, 7:30 to 8:30pm. Went to dance with lots of nice faces. Didn't like any much. Just going to bed now 12 pm. About latest since I've been here.

Wednesday, November 15, 1916 - Have bad cold: Had monosoupape engine am. 11:45am lecture on military law. PM. Rigging R.E.7 Did not receive any papers. Letters from mother, Aloy., Florence, Margaret and Mr. J.S. Moore, Kingston Cottage, St. Annes On-The-Sea Eng. Answered letters home played rugby 3:30 to 4:45. Had tea with John Fry. Stayed in & buzzed for a couple of hours. Retired 10:30 pm

Thursday, November 16, 1916 - Rose at 7:45 am. Head very sore. Had rigging AM 11:45 lecture diff. reconnaissances. PM Gnome engine, went to movie. Didn't have tea. Went roller skating in evening, played hockey. First time on them, fell once. No mail today & I'm expecting one from Mary & Yale. 11:00 pm Just going to bed. Good night, dear night, good night.

Friday, November 17, 1916 - Rose 7:45 Still have very bad cold. AM Lewis machine gun. Ex Buzzing. Did well on buzzing, PM Instruments. Looked thru British Museum where we have our lectures. Received no mail wrote H. Blew, W. Boyle, Tina Cole; Norma Bealy; Flora Hill; Ted Hannan and Mary, Mary Gilbert. Typewriting notes. Retired 11:00 PM

Saturday, November 18, 1916 - Rose 7:30 Still have bad cold. Coughing with it now. First snow today. Letter from Mary. Little chilly. Had aerial obs. & Buzzing. PM went to movie, had tea with John Fry. Stayed in evening & played piano. Received pictures from Joanne.

Sunday, November 19, 1916 - Went to 11:00 solemn high mass at St. Aloysius. Intended to go to 7:15 & communion. Raining very hard. Owing letter from tailor for tunic. Finished day before overcharge: PM went to Benediction 4:00 PM at St. Aloysius. Little lonely. Wrote mother & father, Mary, Miss Strong, E.H. Henning, Hotel Cecil. 10:00 PM Going to bed now. Very sleepy. Good night all in dear sweet home. MF&M

Monday, November 20, 1916 - Bad cold still. Letter from Ray. Have not heard from Yale or Jack yet. Did quite a bit of typewriting. Had party. Retired 10:45pm

Tuesday, November 21, 1916 - Rose 11:30 AM Very sick saw Doctor off parades. Feeling punk all day. Walked around a bit.. 8:00 did some typewriting. 10:00 two lads are playing piano in my room. Going to bed in few minutes. Wrote a letter home & to Ray good night

Wednesday, November 22, 1916 - Stayed in bed till 10:30 AM Could not get Doctor in. Can't study. Rode behind R. Moore & motorcycle today. Feeling punk took snaps. Went to movie with John Fry. R'cd letter from Grace Casey answered it. 10:00 going to bed.

Thursday, November 23, 1916 - Head still aching AM Machine guns P.M. Rigging Bristol Scout. Had to leave as head pained badly. No mail. Retired 10:00PM

Friday, November 24, 1916 - Head still aching. Rose six went to mass, confession & holy communion at St. Aloysius. Saw Doctor. Medicine was not sent. Too sick to take classes. 7:00 PM feeling somewhat better. R'cd letter from Yale, Mac Fielding & Jim Muir answered Yale's letter: did some buzzing Studied monosoupape 11.25 PM just retiring good night.

Saturday, November 25, 1916 - Rose 6:00 AM went to mass & Holy communion. Head some better AM. aerial obs. P.M. went walking went to theatre in evening I was punk.

Sunday, November 26, 1916 - Rose 6:00 AM went to mass Holy Communion received three letters from Mary, one from Jack. Head aching badly. Jim Muir came up from Reading. Spent a very pleasant day. He left at eight P.M. & I went to station with him came home finished letter to Mary.

Monday, November 27, 1916 - Rose 6:00 AM went to mass & Holy Communion Head some better AM. Clerget engine PM rigging Recd very nice letter from mother. Stayed in & went to bed early.

Tuesday, November 28, 1916 - Rose 6:00 AM. went to mass & Holy Communion AM LeRhone but did not take it. Passed out preliminary in buzzing 6 words PM carburetion went to movie Stayed in night very tired R'cd letter from Jack, France Depew & ans it. Wrote Jack Mc & Joe. Retired 9:45 PM.

Wednesday, November 29, 1916 - Rose 6:00 AM. went to mass & Holy Communion. Took photography & carburetion A Can Captain reported me for answering him back in lecture. I was brought before Asst. O/C Cap. Smith. He was very nice & and used me square & I did not have to appol. to the pie face bloater who reported me. Went to Reading in afternoon with Mark Billings. Met Lts. Price Bowls & several other RFC Canadians. Came home 9:45 going to bed 11:00PM Good night.

Thursday, November 30, 1916 - Rose 6:25 AM Mass & Holy Communion AM Rigging PM Lewis Gun Had tea 5:00PM with John Fry at Cadenia Wrote letter home card to Pat McCall. Mailed Frenchies letter. No mail Typed notes until 11:15 PM from 8:30 PM 11:15 J. Fry & I went for half hour walk 12:05 just going to bed to dream of mother father home & Mary. Good night

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