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Diary of 2nd Lieutenant Bernard James Glynn

Royal Flying Corps,
Christ Church, Oxford

Sunday, Dec. 17, 1916 10:30 A.M.

My Dear Mother & Father:

The only condition upon which you will read this letter is when I've officially been stated to have died, hence this letter.

Now, dear Mother and Father, it may seem disobedience on my part, but you knew from the beginning of the War I wanted to go for I could not take a back seat and see all of the other boys go, so I hope you have forgiven me for that.

You may rest assured dear Father and Mother that I'll die prepared for I fully realize what great danger I'm going into with five chances to one against me, so don't worry over me when I'm gone. Remember baby and the rest of the children that it is your duty before God to live and bring them up. I go to Mass and Holy Communion every morning possible, and my prayers are with you all of you at home. When you get this letter I will have passed into another world where in a matter of a few years we all must go. After all, dear parents, we were placed here for a few years to do our duty to God and then be eternally happy forever with Him in Heaven, and if I never see you again in this world, in a matter of a few years we'll be reunited in Heaven. We know one "Ignatius" now a saint is there waiting for us, and aren't you really happier to know he is there than on this earth?

Now, when you read this dear parents, I just want you to say "God's will be done" and go on caring for the rest. Do anything you can for the boys that come back safely, for they deserve the best.

My real dangers will start in a few weeks when I start flying.

Give my love to babe, Aloysius, Florence, Carmelita, Clarence, Raymond, Joe and all next door and neighbours, and don't worry, for when you read this, if you do, your loving son will be in Heaven praying for all of you.

Forgive me my faults and misdemeanors for I know they were great and many, and I was not as good to you who have done everything possible a Mother and Father could do for a son.

Love and prayers from your loving soldier son who thinks of you always. Don't worry, pray and take care of the rest. May Jesus, Mary and Joseph watch and guide over you ever.


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