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Pension for Life

Pension for Life is a combination of benefits that provide recognition, income support and stability to members and Veterans who experience a service related illness or injury. This new suite of benefits will empower Veterans and CAF members living with a service-related injury and/or illness to determine the form of compensation that works best for them and their families.

Pension for Life

Recognition of Pain and Suffering

Serving members and Veterans who experience service-related injury and/or illness carry that pain and suffering with them throughout their lives. These new benefits are intended to recognize–via monthly payments, for life–this burden that is a direct result of serving our country.

Pain and Suffering Compensation

The Pain and Suffering Compensation is a disability benefit that recognizes and compensates CAF members and Veterans for the pain and suffering they experience due to a disability caused by a service-related illness and/or injury.
Monthly | Non-Taxable

Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation

The Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation is a tax-free, monthly benefit. It provides recognition and compensation for any severe and permanent disability, related to your service, which creates a barrier to your life after service.
Monthly | Non-Taxable

Already Received A Disability Award?

Some Veterans who have already received a Disability Award will be eligible to receive additional monthly compensation through Pension for Life. Take a look at possible scenarios, built according to three different disability assessment levels.

Income Replacement

Veterans in rehabilitation—be it physical, vocational or psycho-social—deserve to be able to concentrate on their recovery. That’s where the new benefit comes in, delivering 90 percent of your military salary at release. Whether you need it in the short term, or for the rest of your life, the Income Replacement Benefit will be there.

Income Replacement Benefit

The Income Replacement Benefit is a taxable, monthly benefit that ensures your total income will be at least 90 percent of your gross pre-release military salary until you reach age 65.
Monthly | Taxable

Articles for Veterans and families

Recognition benefits, income replacement benefits and well-being programs work together to support Veterans and their families in life after service. Read these sample articles to learn how.

Lauren D.

Corporal (Retired)
Served In Regular Forces, 25 years old, 5 years of service

Health Summary

Disability Assessment: 100%

Amputations above elbow and above knee

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Beth H.

Survivor of Corporal Robert H.
Canadian Army, 5 years of service, Salary: $60,200

CAF member's health summary

Internal derangement of the knee : 10%

Tinnitus : 10%

Hearing Loss : 5%

Tom D.

Major (Retired)
Canadian Army, 50 years old, 25 years of service

Health Summary

Disability Assessment: 20%

Injuries not severe

Calvin H.

Leading Seaman (Retired)
Royal Canadian Navy, 30 years old, 12 years of service

Health Summary

Disability Assessment: 40%

Nerve damage to right leg and loss of use

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