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Salute! - November 2022 - Special edition

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15 November 2022 - Special edition

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In this edition

  1. Just the Facts: Updates to the Rehabilitation Service and Vocational Assistance Program
  2. What’s happened so far
  3. What is changing
  4. What will stay the same
  5. Key facts
  6. Updates to RSVP
  7. Additional resources
  8. Where to find more information

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Just the Facts: Updates to the Rehabilitation Service and Vocational Assistance Program

Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance Program

Updates to the Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance Program (RSVP) will improve how medical, psycho-social and vocational rehabilitation services are delivered to Veterans and their families, and will also support the important work of our Case Managers.

What’s happened so far

In June 2021, following an open and transparent process, a new national contract for rehabilitation services was awarded to Partners in Canadian Veterans Rehabilitation Services (PCVRS). This contract – similar versions have been in place since 2009 – will ensure nationally consistent, standardized and timely rehabilitation assessments and services to help Veterans improve their overall well-being.

From January to May 2022, Veterans Affairs Canada consulted Veterans and their families with experience in the program about how program updates related to this contract might better serve them. Their feedback helped us develop strategies to best meet their needs.

We also consulted with our Case Managers throughout the contract implementation process. Their thoughts, concerns and perspectives have helped shape how services will be delivered to Veterans and their families. The Union of Veterans Affairs Employees also identified several employees, most of whom were Case Managers, to participate in various working groups.

From the beginning, we have had transparent and regular communication with staff about what to expect with the new contract. Case Managers have been and will continue to be engaged in all phases of the contract rollout and launch.

What is changing

Starting at the end of November 2022, PCVRS will be responsible for the assessment, coordination and administration of all medical, psycho-social and vocational rehabilitation services. They will support our Case Managers and existing health professionals to deliver personalized services to Veterans and their families.

The updates will provide a more integrated approach to services, meaning fewer steps for Veterans and the Case Managers that serve them. This will allow for more time to focus on Veterans and their rehabilitation needs.

What will stay the same

The Case Manager role is not changing. They will still approve rehabilitation plans, monitor and evaluate rehabilitation progress, and coordinate participants’ needs that are outside the rehabilitation plan. Medavie Blue Cross will continue to administer all Programs of Choice within our treatment benefits program.

Key facts

  • VAC Case Managers will continue their essential work. The updates will reduce their administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more time with Veterans.
  • Case Managers, rehabilitation service specialists and professionals, existing providers and participants will work collaboratively toward rehabilitation goals, allowing for more personalized support.
  • Veterans, their families, and VAC Case Managers will have access to industry best practices that are respectful of culture and gender.
  • Eligibility for the Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance Program or any other VAC programs, services or benefits is not changing. We’re updating how the program is delivered to better serve Veterans, their families, and our Case Managers.

Updates to RSVP

  • Services will be customized to each Veteran and family member’s unique background and needs, and striving for Indigenous or culturally sensitive approaches and methods;
  • 24/7 access to an online portal to submit claims, manage appointments and access resources and training;
  • a trained rehabilitation service specialist (RSS) to support Veterans, family members and Case Managers by coordinating appointments, processing claims for rehabilitation expenses, and gathering documents;
  • Veterans and families can more easily give feedback on the program—input that will help us make continuous improvement to this program.

Additional resources

Where to find more information

Learn about eligibility or get information on the rehabilitation program. If you have questions, please call us at 1-866-522-2122.

This concludes our special RSVP edition of the Salute! newsletter. We will continue with our regular schedule in December.

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