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Appendix A - Audit Criteria

Objective Criteria
1. Given the experimental nature of CMP as a treatment, has VAC implemented controls to mitigate the risk to Veterans’ health and well-being? A. The 3g/day threshold is effective in limiting access to (i.e., reducing risk).
B. The exceptional process internal controls are effective in addressing heightened risk for this group of Veterans.
C. Veterans are not reimbursed for more cannabis than for which they have been authorized.
D. VAC monitors trends in usage (increased usage, linked conditions, mental health conditions, other drugs, contraindications) and takes action where warranted.
E. VAC monitors trends in authorizations and takes action where warranted.
F. VAC captures and monitors important data and trend (conditions treated, cannabis type, CBD/THC, methods of administration, etc.) to inform policy.
2. Given the exponential growth of demand for the CMP treatment benefit, has VAC established controls to mitigate the financial risk to VAC? A. VAC monitors Cannabis spending for trends and forecasting.
B. VAC has recognized the growth in Cannabis spending and has devised mitigation strategies to address.
C. VAC actively monitors the reasonableness and relevance of its $8.50/gram reimbursement rate.

* The audit team confirmed that all of the above criteria were met unless otherwise stated in this audit report.

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