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Policy advisory group


  • Sergeant (Retired) Catherine Bergeron *
  • Lieutenant Commander (Retired) Lori Buchart, It's Not Just 20K *
  • Major (Retired) Mark Campbell
  • Brian Forbes, National Council of Veteran Associations in Canada
  • Tim Goddard *
  • Sergeant (Retired) Kim Hendriken, RCMP Veterans Association *
  • Lieutenant (Retired) Carolyn Hughes, Royal Canadian Legion
  • Captain (Retired) Dennis LeBlanc
  • Master Warrant Officer (Retired) William MacDonald
  • Master Corporal (Retired) Keith McAllister, Veterans UN-NATO Canada
  • Brigadier-General (Retired) Joe Sharpe
  • Sailor 1st class (Retired) Scott White *

Canadian Armed Forces Representative

  • Commodore Dan Bouchard, Canadian Armed Forces

* new member 2022

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