Service Health Records for Disability Benefit Application - Fact Sheet

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) disability benefits are provided to those who have a service-related disability. To receive a disability benefit you must have a diagnosed medical condition or disability and show that the condition or disability is related to your service.

VAC will obtain your health records

When your application for disability benefits is received, we will obtain a copy of your service health records. Your records will be reviewed as part of your application. Under the Pension Act and the Veterans Well-being Act, VAC has the authority to obtain these records directly from the Department of National Defence or Library and Archives Canada.

Service relationship

To be eligible for a disability benefit, your service health records should contain sufficient evidence to show that your disability is related to your service.

You may request your service health records

The Privacy Act provides you the right to request a copy of your personal information held by a government institution and the right to request corrections or have a notation added to any recorded personal information. VAC has no authority to change or update your service health records. You may send your request to the Access to Information and Privacy section of the appropriate department: