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Proudly Serving Canada's Veteran Community
Special edition - Spring 2019

Your well-being matters

Every year, approximately 5,000 Regular Force members of the Canadian Armed Forces transition from the military to post-service life. In the Life After Service Survey 2016, 52 percent of Veterans said they had easy transitions, while 32 percent said they had difficulties adjusting to their lives after service. Difficult transitions put Veterans' well-being at risk.

Your experience was life changing—embrace it

A life-changing event is not always a bad thing. It can be what happens when you become part of something bigger than yourself. It can be something that gives your life new meaning, a new mission, and a new sense of purpose. Experiences like this can change the way you see yourself and change your feelings about how others see you.

Remember that every Canadian Armed Forces member will experience transition differently. Embracing your unique situation is your first step to a successful transition.

Good health alone does not equal well-being

Research shows that health—physical, mental, social and spiritual functioning—is but one of seven critical domains of well-being. Your sense of purpose, financial security, ability to adapt to change, personal relationships, housing and community networks matter too. And all seven domains are linked.

For example, your employment can impact your health, your finances and how you see yourself in society. Meanwhile, your health, financial situation and social integration can affect your ability to find or keep a job.

Your well-being goals are unique to you and your family. We can play an important role in supporting them. Our mission is to stand beside you as you adapt to life after service.


Employment or meaningful purpose

Engaged in new work, spending time with family and/or retirement.

Financial security

What's needed to ensure well-being in all domains.


Functioning well physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Life skills and preparedness

Able to adapt expertise and manage post-service life.

Social integration

Maintain or develop mutually supportive relationships.

Housing and physical environment

Safe, adequate and affordable accommodation.

Cultural and social environment

Understood, valued and supported by the community.

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