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3.2 Disability Award

The Disability Award Program was introduced in April 2006 as part of the NVC in order to encourage wellness and facilitate transition of CF clients and their families from military to civilian life. The disability award recognizes and compensates CF members and Veterans for the non-economic effects of service related disability including pain and suffering, and functional loss. on the lives of CF members, Veterans, and their families. The award is a monetary tax-free lump-sum payment, based on the extent of the disability. Other NVC benefits provide benefits for the effects of permanent impairment. The assessment of the extent of a disability is based on the instructions and a Table of Disabilities made by the Minister for the guidance of persons making such assessments. The Disability Award Program is no longer the only gateway to other VAC services and benefits. In addition to the award, the Disability Award Program includes the following disability benefits:

  • The Clothing Allowance is awarded to CF members or Veterans who received a disability award due to an amputation or other disability that causes wear and tear on clothing or whose assessed disability requires the client to wear specially-made clothing.
  • The Detention Benefit is a tax-free lump-sum payable to CF members or Veterans who, while serving in the Forces, were detained by an enemy, opposing force or person or group carrying out a terrorist activity; or who evaded capture or escaped from any power.
  • The Death Benefit is a tax-free, lump-sum payment paid to a spouse or common-law partner, and dependent children, if a CF member is killed while in service or injured while in service and dies within 30 days of the injury.
  • Recipients of lump-sum benefits may wish to seek out the Financial Advice of an expert to help the client manage the lump-sum payment. If the payment is $12,500 or more, some, or all, of the fees related to this advice may be paid by VAC, up to a maximum of $500.
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