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Formation of the Canadian Corps

Meanwhile in Canada enthusiasm remained high despite the growing casualty lists. A second contingent sailed for England in the spring 1915, and from it was formed the 2nd Canadian Division. Following a period of training in England they joined the 1st Division in France in September. At the insistence of Canadian leaders, who had consistently resisted any division of Canadian troops, the Canadian Corps was now formed under the command of Lieutenant-General E.A.H. Alderson. Major-General R.E.W. Turner took command of the new 2nd Division, while Major-General Arthur Currie became commander of the 1st.

The Canadian Corps now settled down to a dismal winter in a section of the front between Ploegsteert Wood and St. Eloi. As steady rain filled the trenches with muddy water the men were forced to fight not only the enemy, but also "trench foot," colds, influenza and lice. They were joined by the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, which had served for a year with the British 27th Division; and the Royal Canadian Regiment which had been performing garrison duty in Bermuda. In December, the 3rd Canadian Division was formed under Major-General M.S. Mercer.

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