Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation

Canadians from every walk of life provide outstanding volunteer service to Veterans, their communities and their country. In April 2001, the Governor General authorized the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation to formally recognize these Canadians’ contributions.

The Governor General Warrant states the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation be "...awarded to individuals who have performed commendable service to the Veteran community and/or individuals who represent commendable role models for their fellow Veterans."

The Commendation is awarded annually to deserving recipients.

Insignia and Wear

The Commendation consists of a certificate, a lapel pin for civilian wear and a bar for wear with decorations. The design is a gold maple leaf resting on a red poppy—a flower long associated with the sacrifices of war—and the Royal Crown on the top of the pin.

A recipient may wear the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation bar on their blazer, formal wear, etc., on occasions appropriate for wearing medals. A recipient should wear the bar below their official decorations.

A recipient may wear the Commendation lapel pin on civilian dress at any time.


Type of service to Veterans

We recognize the diverse scope and range of work performed in contribution to the care and well-being of Veterans, or to the remembrance of the contributions, sacrifices and achievements of Veterans.


Eligible recipients must be:

  • an individual, not a group or couple, of any age;
  • a volunteer who made significant, sustained and unpaid contributions to their Veteran community; and
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent Canadian resident when nominated.

Posthumous award

The Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation recognizes the efforts of living individuals. In the unfortunate circumstance a nominee is approved to receive this award, but passes away before the award has been presented, they may receive the award posthumously.


Individuals may only receive the Minister’s Commendation once.

You may nominate an individual for the Commendation once in a given year. If a nomination is not successful, you may resubmit it for consideration in a subsequent year.


Name Location
Barber, Andrew Peter Mississauga, Ontario
Brousseau, Major (Retired) Paulette C.D. Petite-Vallée , Quebec
Cook, John William Pattison C.D., SBStJ London, Ontario
Desjardins-Siciliano, Lieutenant-Colonel (Honorary) Yves Montréal , Quebec
Kennedy, Dr. Alis B. C.D., O.Ont., O.M.C., Ph.D Woodbridge, Ontario
Lanoway, Travis Airdrie, Alberta
Rhodes, Warrant Officer (Retired) P.Y. (Dusty) CD Calgary, Alberta
Shea, Earl Patrick Toronto, Ontario
Thompson, Joshua M. C.D. St. Catharines, Ontario
Adams, Mark North Vancouver, British Columbia
Baer, Trevor John Plattsville , Ontario
Batho, Dana B. Victoria, British Columbia
Bauman, Michael Andrew Ayr, Ontario
Beaton, John-Scott Calgary, Alberta
Black, Dr. Timothy Victoria, British Columbia
Blackburn, Marie Calgary, Alberta
Bleviss, Joey Calgary, Alberta
Boisvert, Alain Shawinigan, Quebec
Boudrias, Warrant Officer Michael (Retired) Meaford, Ontario
Brais, Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Gilles O.M.M., C.D. Ste-Sophie, Quebec
Bray, William Allan Pointe-Claire, Quebec
Brayman, Lieutenant-Commander (Retired) Todd C.D. Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
Briscoe, Norman Vancouver, British Columbia
Brosseau, Raymonde Marie Louise Gold River, British Columbia
Browning, Grace A. Vancouver, British Columbia
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