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Caregiver Recognition Benefit

Do you need ongoing care for your health and well-being? The Caregiver Recognition Benefit may be an option for you.

About this program

Having a disability sometimes means you need ongoing care to remain in your home. The Caregiver Recognition Benefit recognizes the important role a caregiver delivers on a day-to-day basis by providing them with a tax free, monthly benefit.

Do you qualify?

You should apply for the Caregiver Recognition Benefit if:

  • you have a VAC Disability Award or Pain and Suffering Compensation;*
  • you need ongoing care as a result of the physical, mental or cognitive health condition(s) for which your Disability Award or Pain and Suffering Compensation was approved;
  • you need one of the following:
    • a level of care and supervision consistent with admission to an institution;
    • daily physical assistance or ongoing direction and supervision for at least four of your activities of daily living (See: What are activities of daily living?); or
    • daily supervision and are not safe when left alone;
  • your caregiver is over the age of 18, plays an essential role in providing or coordinating your ongoing care, and is unpaid;
  • you are not a permanent resident of a nursing home or long-term care facility; and,
  • you are a former Canadian Armed Forces member.

* If you have a disability pension (or POW compensation) of 1% or more, you could receive this support through the Attendance allowance.

How to apply

Before you apply

As part of your application, your caregiver will be asked to attest to providing you care, provide proof of identity (e.g. driver's license), and sign the application.

Fill out the application form with your caregiver. Both of you must sign the form.

To receive this benefit, you may be requested to participate in an additional health assessment. We will contact you if this is required.

You can expect a decision within eight weeks of submitting your application. If approved, your caregiver will begin to receive the benefit within nine weeks.

Apply online

If you're registered for My VAC Account, you can apply online using the web form, which makes applying easier. If you aren't registered, you can register now.

My VAC Account

Mail or in person

Download the application form. Then, drop it off at a VAC office or CAF Transition Centre*. You can also mail your completed application directly to the address listed on the form.

Go to form

Get help with your application

The staff at any VAC office or Transition Centre can assist you, or call us at 1-866-522-2122.

* Offices may not be open due to COVID restrictions. Call 1-866-522-2122 to confirm.

Additional information

Find out more

See the current rates.

Please note: you must inform VAC if your needs or circumstances change.

VAC may also review or re-assess your situation once you're in the program.

If your caregiver changes, you need to inform us as soon as possible and you will need to submit a new application.

Related programs

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Disability Benefit - Compensation for your service-related injury or illness.

Attendance allowance - Monthly payments if your health needs require personal care support.

Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation - Monthly payments if you are experiencing barriers to establishment in life after service due to a service-related permanent and severe impairment.

Frequently asked questions

If I apply for the benefit and get declined, can I appeal?

Yes. You can apply for a review via My VAC Account secure messaging or by mail. Learn more about your review and appeal options.

If the benefit is paid to my caregiver, why do I need to apply?

Since it is your health needs that require the services of a caregiver, you must apply for the benefit. However, your caregiver is required to complete and sign a section of the application. If you have granted power of attorney to someone, that person may apply on your behalf.

Is there a time limit to apply for this benefit?

You can apply for this benefit at any time. When approved, the Caregiver Recognition Benefit is payable the first day of the month in which the application is received.

Are there policies for this program?

Read more about the Caregiver Recognition Benefit policies.

More Caregiver Recognition Benefit FAQs.

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